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13 thoughts on “Recent Works

  1. David

    Hello Ms. Thorne, I am curious to know if you were painting in 1967? I have a painting signed by a Jane Thorne but not sure if you are the same Jane Thorne. It also is noted San Antonio 1967 under your name. Thank you for your time.
    Dave Worthington

    1. littleblackbugs Post author

      Hello Mr Worthington! I was actually born in 1976 so it would have been impressive if I had managed that! I would love to see the painting! Ive just googled to see if I can find any other Jane Thorne artists. I think there is at least one other I found who is a writer/artist in Suffolk UK. Good luck on finding your artist. Happy hunting!
      Jane Thorne, Auckland NZ. 🙂

  2. Sheldene

    Hi today at the library craft fair I saw a paperweight with a bug trapped in it. Do you have paper weights for sale?

    1. littleblackbugs Post author

      Hi Sheldene! Thanks for coming to the market! Unfortunately I don’t have any for sale. The one I was using today was from a dear friend of mine. You could try Etsy, Alibaba perhaps? Even trade me sometimes has similar items occasionally. Best of luck in your bug hunt! 🙂

  3. Jude Longley

    What beautiful artworks. I have always loved the intricacies and beauty of invertebrates and you have captured both.


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