Billy’s Day Out- Susan Thorne (Copies available $25.00NZ)

Flies in His Eyes- Ian Smith (Copies available $20.00NZ)

The Lonely cone- Evie Mahoney (Copies available $20.00NZ)

The Pear Tree- Evie Mahoney (Published by Pegasus UK 2020)

Super Bugs (Working Title)- Dee Pigneguy (Awaiting publication)

Puddy’s Big Move- Sandy Bower (Awaiting publication)

Sophie’s Secret shelter- Jim Reardon (Awaiting publication)

The Little Feijoa Tree- Marion Day (Copies available $20.00NZ)

Kapowai’s Gold- Louise De Varga (Copies available $20.00NZ)

The Caretaker Of Imagination (Trilogy)- Z R Southcombe (Limited Edition Prints available $25.00NZ)

Spiny Sebastian Starfish- Marion Day (Copies available $20.00NZ)

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